Wednesday, May 9, 2012


About Lithographs

The first stamps valid for postage throughout India were placed on sale in 1854 with four values: 1/2 anna, 1 anna, 2 annas, and 4 annas. Featuring a youthful profile of Queen Victoria these four values were designed and printed in Calcutta, and issued without perforations or gum. All were lithographed except for the 2 annas green, which was produced by typography from copper clich├ęs or from electrotype plates. The 4 annas value (illustrated) was one of the world's first bi-colored stamps, preceded only by the Basel Dove, a beautiful local issue.

About this blog

Researching a subject this old is not easy. Over the years, many collectors have painstakingly documented a lot of information and its available through out-of-print books, manuscripts, journals and now online. The intent of this blog is to compile and catalog that information and make it available here. Second is to showcase my own collection of these lithographs.

1/2 Anna

One Anna

Two Anna

Four Anna

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From time to time, I may change content, layout and re-arrange things to make the information manageable and user friendly for everyone to read.

Finally, researching and publishing information takes time and patience. All efforts will be made to publish a blog bi-weekly.

Happy Collecting!!


  1. Hey Maulik,

    Very interesting subject to tackle, nice layout and choice of colors too.


  2. I agree with Paul, your color choice is perfect for displaying the beautiful stamps. What really caught my attention is the "live traffic feed". It makes visitors of your site feel excited to have some trace that they are viewing something that people across the country are viewing.


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